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Addiction Counseling Services

At DebbieBayer LMFT, I am dedicated to providing personalized addiction therapy tailored to meet your unique needs. I understand that each faces distinct challenges, and, as a result, I offer a range of evidence-based treatment modalities to optimize the effectiveness of your outpatient treatment.

Tailored Treatment Plans for Lasting Recovery

One size doesn't fit all, and neither does our approach to addiction recovery counseling. I collaborate with you to create a customized plan aligning with your goals. I am trained in various therapeutic approaches, ensuring your recovery journey is uniquely yours.

Phases of Support for Your Recovery

Intensive Phase

For those who have faced unsuccessful attempts to quit drinking or using drugs, my intensive phase provides the crucial support needed to break free. This period focuses on overcoming withdrawal effects and adopting a one-day-at-a-time mindset, leading to remission and learning to navigate daily life without substance use.

Early Recovery

During this phase, individuals recognize how substance use hinders the life they desire. I guide them through addressing feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse, empowering them to cope with challenges without resorting to substances.

Recovery Management Phase

Throughout all phases, I collaborate with family members, assisting individuals in building a robust support group for a life free from drugs and alcohol.

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My Commitment

At DebbieBayer LMFT, I am committed to walking alongside you on your path to recovery, offering professional and caring support every step of the way. Your well-being is our priority. Visit my Contact Us page and take the first step toward a brighter future.